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Paper & Packaging Board

The Paper and Packaging Board is a national consumer marketing campaign from U.S. manufacturers and importers of paper including packaging. 

The Paper and Packaging Board launched the Box to Nature residential recycling program at Pack Expo 2022. My team created a virtual reality experience featuring a life-size DeLorean made of recyclable corrugated cardboard. The experience showcased a sustainable future, emphasizing industry participation. The campaign at PACK EXPO 2022 engaged over 600 companies, generating significant momentum for Box to Nature.


The program's educational mark appeared on over 2 million boxes by the end of 2022, now exceeding 11.5 million, a notable achievement compared to the 15 years it took for the 3-arrow recycling symbol to reach a similar milestone.

Creative Director: Cynthia Schiede

Art Director: Tanya Mangone

Video & AI: Chase Grammer

Launching Box to Nature
Pack to the future

I worked on helping the Paper & Packaging Board launch the Box to Nature residential program — initially starting from developing the brand, then the interactive brand experience concept and design through to the launch at the biggest trade show in the industry.

Brand Development


Pack Expo

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