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Nuix, an Australian tech company, specializes in a software platform for handling unstructured data. Despite significant growth, Nuix faced a challenge in introducing a holistic brand positioning to engage the C-Suite, promote larger solutions, and drive further growth. To announce the company transformed its specific solutions into a unified platform, but the industry hadn't caught up.

To positively disrupt the market and elevate the brand, we created an idea that rewrote the narrative for the entire industry, by introducing the New Information Age.


The campaign far outperformed expectations, with response rates more than 3X higher than benchmarks.

  • Landing the largest user conference in Nuix’s history

  • Building awareness of the Nuix brand by double digits via high-impact awareness tactics while also shifting perceptions from a point-based provider to an integrated provider of Total Data Intelligence solutions

  • Delivering 5,700 MQLs and closing 200 net new logos to achieve revenue growth goals

  • Delivering marketing sourced net new business revenue totaling 10% of overall company revenue

The new information age

The Nuix Ambassador introduces The New Information Age, defined by new challenges, growing threats, and unimagined opportunities. Moving between cybersecurity scenarios, he shows how Nuix connects the dots and why it’s necessary to adopt a holistic solution in today’s digital world.

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