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bswift, an Aetna company, provides benefits administration solutions to help companies and their employees get the most out of their health and welfare benefits.


bwsift needed to broaden their audience and reach larger organizations who weren't aware of their robust offering and weren’t even considering them.

This challenge was compounded by bswift's position in a crowded and competitive marketplace.


Luckily, our insights showed most competitors’ brands were very cold and clinical. We realized in an industry all about human health, wellness and satisfaction, the advertising and marketing was missing a human element. HR professionals wanted to be surprised and feel good about their offering and partners.

Creative Director:
Michael Ruby

Art Director:
Tanya Mangone

Repositioning an HR Brand

Unexpected Benefits

The “Unexpected Benefits'“ campaign showed how the everyday business of administering benefits is unexpectedly better with bswift. By using whimsical imagery to personify and exaggerate situations that represent the characteristics HR professionals want their partners to embody we were able to add some life into the market and land two awards.

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