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is a one-of-a-kind white glove virtual assistant platform. A thought partner and dedicated resource to implement, manage, and optimize the critical aspects of their clients business.

Chatterboss needed help bringing the brand to life across various touch-points. Initially joining the team to design and launch their beta app to elevate the user experience. I’ve since worked directly with the CMO to establish a notable brand presence across industry events, trade-shows, print media and social media while evolving the brand to align with their distinct thought partnership positioning.


The shift in brand positioning resulted in double the number of new clients and over 900 warm leads (over half YTD), which are directly attributed to an impactful trade-show presence and distinct UTM strategies in print and web materials.

Creative Director:
Tanya Mangone

Chatterboss embodies partnership by prioritizing seamless communication, efficiency, approachability, trustworthiness, and innovation for their clients. They aimed to reflect these values in their app, ensuring a positive experience for both clients and assistants. Through clean design with subtle gradients, light typography, and illustrations, I elevated the aesthetic to establish strong initial client relationships. In addition to UX and design, I personally contributed to feature development, including payment, scheduling, time tracking, messaging, and more, ensuring simplicity for both clients and assistants.


Elevated brand

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Creating the Chatterboss App
an Approachable thought leader

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