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The 'Republic Services is one of the most recognized sustainability companies in the U.S. From natural gas-fueled trucks to landfills that generate renewable energy, Republic is turning recycling and waste into possibility for future generations. Our “We Work For Earth.” campaign brought Republic Services’ environmental responsibility and commitment to something greater than profit to life. While most waste and recycling companies focus on trash and trucks, we focused on the humanity and heart of Republic’s people. “We Work For Earth” has become the rallying cry for Republic’s employees and the crux for differentiation and demand generation for Republic Services among consumers and businesses alike. The campaign included billboards throughout the US, a radio spot, digital and social ads and a ton of internal activation material from wall murals to stickers.


Awards and Shortlists: 

  • Drum Social Purpose Award (Best in Brand Purpose)

  • ANA B2 Award (Corporate Comms or Pro Bono, Video Marketing, Product Launch or Relaunch)

  • Drum Marketing Award (Rebrand/Relaunch)

  • Drum B2B Award (Out of Home)

Creative Director:

Michael Ruby


Art Director & Designer:

Tanya Mangone

Branded Documentary 


Focus on humanity
We Work for Earth

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